We Right Wrongs!

  • Who We Are

    We are Advocates United, the first and only national firm of trial lawyers absolutely and whole-heartedly committed to helping those whose lives have been turned devastatingly upside down by someone else’s negligence and irresponsibility.

  • What We Do

    We help people who have been seriously hurt. We help by getting them the money they need and holding those responsible for hurting them accountable. We are passionate about righting the wrongs no one should have to endure and ensuring the safety of our communities in the future.

  • How We Do It

    Experience, clout and the confidence to take cases to trial. Our attorneys have on average almost 20 years of experience handling the most serious and complex cases. We have brought together some of the most accomplished trial lawyers in the country working to fight for you.

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Types of Cases

While Advocates United attorneys have extensive experience in many areas of the law, we specialize in cases where serious, even devastating injuries have occurred. Because of our reputation for success in these types of cases and our penchant for going to trial, our clients have benefited both in financial terms as well as helping build a safer community by ensuring those responsible for the wrong-doing change their behavior.

The Five Basic Questions You Should Ask Any Lawyer

We understand you may be choosing among several attorneys—as you should—but we urge you to ask all of them each of these five questions. Be assured when you ask us we will answer with absolute transparency and certainty.

Does the firm focus on serious personal injury cases?

Is personal injury the focus of the firm or just another one of the many things that the firm does? Does the firm represent only individuals or does it represent companies too? The attorney and firm you choose should be dedicated to helping protect individuals against greedy companies.

Does the firm have experience in cases like mine?

Ask about the attorney’s years of experience and results obtained. Make sure to ask about not only the particular attorney you are considering but also the firm as a whole. Experience and results matter, not only because they are indicators of skill level but also because it is one of the ways the insurance company will decide how serious to take your claim.

Does the attorney actually try cases?

Most attorneys don’t try cases. You want your attorney to be taken seriously by the big insurance and other companies who put profits above safety. Insurance companies know which attorneys aren’t willing to take cases to trial. Your best chance of never having to go to trial, while still be treated fairly by the person or company that hurt you, is to make sure you have a trial attorney by your side.

Is the firm large enough and does it have the resources to take on the big insurance companies?

Serious personal injury claims are complex and take significant resources to handle well. Your opponent, the big insurance companies, have the resources they need. Your attorney and firm needs the experience, access to experts, staff and other resources necessary to take them on.

Can the attorney explain in detail what all of my options actually are?

These cases are complex. There are a lot of attorneys who don't have the knowledge, skill or ability to fully understand and explain the whole process and all of your options. If they cannot answer this question, and tell you exactly what to expect and what you can do, it should be the first red flag.