Advocates United is a revolutionary new take in law. We can sum up our philosophy for our clients in three words: We Right Wrongs!

We believe being willing to go to trial benefits our clients.

Most lawyers have never seen the inside of a courtroom.

Our lawyers like going to trial. They are good at it. In fact, our lawyers regularly teach other lawyers how to try cases. Going to trial is more demanding and intense for both our clients and us. Yet it’s the right way and the right thing to do. It’s also the best way to hold—big companies, big insurance companies—accountable. It also gets better results for our clients.


We believe our national power and local compassion are a benefit to you.

You’re confused...and scared for the future.

Selecting the right lawyer should be your top priority. You’ll find our attorneys are some of the best in the country, each one undaunted by any challenger, no matter how large. We take on the “big guys” with relish. And we win!


We are selective, and that helps you.

Of course, we don’t take on every case. Our focus is on the most serious cases—those with devastating injuries, even death. It’s these types of cases where we can not only help our clients gain financially, but also hold those responsible for the wrongdoing responsible. That is a huge part of what we are about.


The Five Basic Questions You Should Ask Any Lawyer

We understand you may be choosing among several attorneys—as you should—but we urge you to ask all of them each of these five questions. Be assured when you ask us we will answer with absolute transparency and certainty.

Does the firm focus on serious personal injury cases?

Is personal injury the focus of the firm or just another one of the many things that the firm does? Does the firm represent only individuals or does it represent companies too? The attorney and firm you choose should be dedicated to helping protect individuals against greedy companies.

Does the firm have experience in cases like mine?

Ask about the attorney’s years of experience and results obtained. Make sure to ask about not only the particular attorney you are considering but also the firm as a whole. Experience and results matter, not only because they are indicators of skill level but also because it is one of the ways the insurance company will decide how serious to take your claim.

Does the attorney actually try cases?

Most attorneys don’t try cases. You want your attorney to be taken seriously by the big insurance and other companies who put profits above safety. Insurance companies know which attorneys aren’t willing to take cases to trial. Your best chance of never having to go to trial, while still be treated fairly by the person or company that hurt you, is to make sure you have a trial attorney by your side.

What does the attorney do to continue to improve their skills?

Has the attorney continued his or her education after law school? More specifically, have they dedicated the time necessary to continue learning about handling and trying personal injury cases in particular? Do any of the attorneys in the firm actually teach other attorneys how to try personal injury case?

Is the firm large enough, does it have the resources, to take on the big insurance companies?

Serious personal injury claims are complex and take significant resources to handle well. Your opponent, the big insurance companies, have the resources they need. Your attorney and firm needs the experience, access to experts, staff and other resources necessary to take them on.