Bainbridge Georgia Lawyer

Mark F. Milhollin

Mark represented the State of Georgia and the United States of America as a young prosecutor. Through that experience he realized that the individual victims in those cases needed personal advocates as well. They needed someone who would really listen to them, someone who could understand the life changing events that had occurred, and they needed someone to go to court and fight for them.

That is what he does – everyday.

Mark has seen that the criminal justice system has gotten a bit better at trying to listen to and care for victims of crimes; however, the victims who have been injured through corporate greed and recklessness, or who may be dealing with callous insurance companies, also need someone who is willing to stand up and fight for their individual rights to civil justice and compensation.

Mark stands up for those individuals. In his career he has brought over 50 cases through jury trials and has resolved over 300 cases, and has recovered over millions for clients.

Mark is focused on trying to make the community a safer place for everyone. He does this by deterring distracted drivers who cause harm on the interstates or stopping large corporations who consciously choose to put profits over people. The results he seeks are the same: unsafe conduct is deterred, other people are educated, and future harm is hopefully prevented.

Mark is particularly proud when he sees positive changes in the communities that he lives and practices law in. It brings him joy when his work results in additional safety features that have been installed on amusement park rides, new safety procedures that have been instituted at daycare centers, better parking lot lights that have been installed in apartment complexes, and improved employee hiring and training practices at large corporations.

Mark earned an undergraduate degree from Georgia College and State University and earned his law degree from Georgia State University.

Mark is licensed to practice law in Georgia and Wyoming.