We Right Wrongs™


Advocates United represents clients in most states all across the United States. We are the only national injury firm with over 400 advocates working in 90+ offices across the country.

What that means is that we are big enough to take on the insurance companies and we are strong enough that we don’t let ourselves get bullied or pushed around by them.

We only help working people and never represent business or insurance companies. We believe everyone should have access to help when they are hurt.

Best of all, we don’t charge people to talk to us, ever.

There only real risk you have is not calling us and getting stuck with an attorney that does not have the experience, education, good old fashioned know-how, or strength to take care of you or your family like we do.

Our lawyers live and work in your state, and take care of people just like you in their communities every day.

Advocates United, National Power – Local Compassion.

Our Attorneys

Enter your state name to see our attorneys in your state or simply use one of the ways below to contact us and we will be glad to help you. Its always fast an free to talk with someone, 24 hours a day.