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  • 07.10.2017
    Court House

    Why Hiring a Trial Lawyer Increases the Value of Your Case (7 Factors)

    After a wrongful death or catastrophic injury happens to your family, here are a few compelling reasons why you want to hire a law firm that can take your case all the way to trial.

  • 01.01.2018
    crutches leaning against wall

    The basics of Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

    Workers’ compensation is designed to help workers who have been injured, many times seriously, while engaged activities at work. It covers medical benefits and some lost wages while someone recovers from the injury.
    If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation, regardless of who is at fault for the accident. As an employee, workers’ compensation protects you by providing for your medical expenses and lost wages. This benefit system was established to help injured work

  • 01.01.2018
    broken swing

    Hidden dangers lurk in your child’s playground

    It’s Friday afternoon and school is out, which means one thing: You are taking your seven-year-old son to the Town playground and then for ice cream.
    When you arrive to the playground, like clockwork, your son makes a bee-line to the monkey bars. He hangs from them, laughing and shouting, but the monkey bars give way, sending your son careening to the ground. He suffers a broken arm and a serious head injury.
    You rush him to the hospital, wondering who if anyone is liable for the playground equi

  • 09.12.2017

    Dad lies about witness protection to avoid paying childcare

    A Diamond District jeweler was sued for pretending to be a part of the federal Witness Protection Program in order to avoid paying $461,475 in child support he owes to his two children.

    Brian Greenwald lied to the courts, saying he could not take...

  • 09.12.2017

    Amazon faces class action suit over defective eclipse glasses

    Amazon.com is facing a lawsuit over eclipse glasses sold that claimed to protect the human eye from damage caused by looking at the August 21 total solar eclipse.

    A South Carolina man and his fiance have filed the class action lawsuit against...