Brain and Head Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. It takes many forms, and could result from a penetrating object entering the brain, or a strong impact to the head. Whether slight or major, any impact to the brain can produce different levels of injury from motor skill impairment, to memory problems and developmental disabilities, and even dementia. One thing remains clear about this type of injury: it can change the course of your life. Tremendous amounts of medical attention can be required, along with costly rehabilitation therapies, and sometimes victims are left unable to work.

Closely related, are spinal cord injuries, which often are the result of slip and fall accidents or high-impact trauma. The spine is where numerous major pairs of nerves radiate out to the arms and legs, controlling the bodies movement, and an injury to this critical area can cause permanent damage – including paralysis.

When negligence from another individual is the cause of your injury, you may be entitled to monetary compensation due to loss of work, pain and suffering, and costly medical bills. As a national law firm, Advocates United has the resources to take any case, large or small, when the fault of your injury is not your own. We win cases all the time, and we can help you win yours.

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