Personal Injury

We at Advocates United have spent the last several years researching, interviewing and seeking out attorneys across America. Attorneys very good at what they do—personal injury first and foremost. Thus, with these attorneys in place all across America, Advocates United has a unique and powerful resource from which to draw. Experience. Focus. And an unending desire to make sure our clients get the outcome they deserve.

When someone comes to us because they have been harmed by another’s negligence, we understand that they are struggling not only with the emotional reality of what has happened to them, but also with medical issues, mounting bills, fear about the future – and anger about what has happened.

It’s our mission to provide clear, direct information about your personal injury lawsuit. We’ll explain what is needed for us to file a suit on your behalf, approximately how long the process might take, and some of the variables you might expect. We’ll set up a secure case file for you so that when progress is made you’ll be notified by email. We’ll be right there for you, every step of the way. We’re sorry you’ve been wronged. You now have a fighter in your corner.

Personal Injury by the Numbers

  • 295 Number of Advocates United PI attorneys wholeheartedly committed to you.
  • 0 Number of times you'll hear us say "accident." Because what happened to you was likely preventable.
  • 365 Days a year we're here for you.

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