Social Security Disability

Applying for Social Security disability can be confusing, and nearly 70 percent of applicants are denied on their initial application. An Advocates United attorney can help familiarize you with the different programs, ensure that you have all the necessary supporting documents, and help you navigate through the lengthy process. Statistics show that your claim is twice as likely to be approved when pursuing Social Security disability benefits with representation. Whether you qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD, or SSDI), which is for workers who have accumulated enough work credits, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is for low-income individuals who have never worked or who simply haven’t accumulated enough work credits, our attorneys are here to guide you.

If you have already applied and your initial claim for benefits has been denied, now is the time to contact Advocates United. Remember, you only have 60 days to appeal, so let our attorneys increase your chances of receiving a ruling in your favor.  Advocates United lawyers have years of invaluable SSDI and SSI claim experience, and they know what judges will look for with each specific medical condition. Whether your appeal is a request for reconsideration, a hearing, or an Appeals Council review, our attorneys will review your claim file, examining the pertinent facts, and present your case in a competent and cohesive manner. When appealing a Social Security disability denial, it helps to have someone who knows all the ins and outs working for you.

Social Security Disability by the Numbers

  • 10.3 million people are receiving SSD benefits as disabled workers, widow(er)s, or adult children in 2015
  • 64 % of initial claims are denied
  • 19 % or 56.7 million people, in the U.S. had a disability claim in 2010

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What is Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability Insurance provides monthly benefits and Medicare to workers who meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disabled. If qualified, you or your family are entitled to receive monthly benefits until you reach the age at which you would have
received your full benefit, if you continue to be disabled — ages 65 to 67, depending on your date of birth. At that age, you will start to receive Old Age and Survivor’s Benefits.


Who is Eligible for Social Security?

EVERY disability you suffer from, is considered by the Social Security Administration in determining your eligibility for benefits.

There are requirements:

  • You must be unable to do ANY substantial, gainful work due to physical or mental impairments which have lasted or are expected to last for at least one year.
  • As a general rule, if you are over age 31, you must have worked five out of the last ten years preceding the onset of the disability.
  • You must have been subject to FICA deduction. “Off the books” jobs and some federal government workers are not eligible.
  • If you are a disabled widow(er) or child, some special rules might apply

How do I get Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDB)

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There are three different times when you can get assistance with obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits:

  1. During Initial Application
  2. After Denial
  3. Prior to a Hearing

Initial Application

When you have been out of work for five months, we encourage you to call Advocates United at 1-888-994-1333.

One of our SSDB legal assistant specialists will answer questions about your eligibility, and help you with information you will need for the application. Depending on where you live, Advocates United can file the application for you, (for a fee) if you wish.

You can file the application on your own by going to your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office and apply in person, by phone (800-772-1213) or online: By calling Advocates United prior to applying, we will have all your necessary information on hand should you be denied and a appeal needs to be filed.

If your Claim is Denied

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Call Advocates United at 1-888-994-1333 as soon as you receive a letter of denial. An appeal must be filed with 60 days of the initial denial. Advocates United will file the appeal, and you will be assigned a legal assistant and an attorney who will answer questions and follow up on your case. The attorney will represent you at hearings.

If you have a Hearing Scheduled

At the hearing, an Administrative Law Judge will review the evidence and take your testimony. It is in your best interest to contact Advocates United as soon as you receive the first denial, in order to prepare for the Administrative Proceeding. You are more likely to be successful if you have legal representation.

Your Advocates United team will help you prepare for your hearing. They will conduct an in-depth interview with you, correspond directly with your doctors, obtain prior work histories, process necessary forms, and prepare and represent you at the hearing.

NOTE: A favorable decision may result in retroactive benefits. Eligibility for possible retroactive benefits varies from case to case. You should discuss this possibility with your attorney.

How are Attorney Fees Determined for Social Security Disability Cases

Fees for Social Security Disability cases are “contingent”. That means there is no fee payable unless there is money going to you as a result of an award made by the Social Security Administration.
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In addition, the Social Security Administration sets the amount of the fee, which is always limited to a maximum of 25% of the retroactive benefits that you and/or your auxiliary beneficiary are eligible to receive.

Advocates United will offer you the opportunity to cap the fee at $6,000, or 25% of retroactive benefits, whichever is less. To obtain this cap, you will be offered a written agreement at the time Advocates United’s representation begins.

“Out of pocket disbursements” sometimes occur in Social Security Disability claims. It depends on whether or not your health care provider wants to charge you for copies of records or preparation of a report.

Your Advocates United attorney will always request that the health care provider notify us of any charges for information prior to sending out the information. We then notify you, the client, so that together we can determine whether or not it is necessary or advisable for you to purchase the information from your health care provider.