Truck and Tractor Trailer Crashes

Almost everything we consume has spent time on a truck or tractor-trailer. As drivers crisscross the country making deliveries, time is always their bottom line, and often they have to drive for many hours to meet schedule demands. With sleep-deprived drivers, sometimes traveling at high rates of speed, accidents do happen. The weight a truck’s load affects the time it takes to stop and if there isn’t enough room, things can turn ugly fast. If you are hit by a big rig, you probably aren’t going to come out the winner – unless you come to Advocates United.

Your life may never be the same after such an accident. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed from a crash caused by a truck or tractor-trailer, you deserve compensation. Medical bills, loss of work and loss of life should be paid for monetarily by the offending party. Your Advocates United attorney has the experience, and will be by your side through this trying time, fighting vigorously to win a fair settlement for you.